Turnersville Transmission Repair

Signs of Transmission Problems

Transmission problems need to be diagnosed before they turn into major expenses. If your vehicle is showing signs of:

  • Shifting delays:
  • Transmission Noise:
  • Vehicle Wobbles or Shimmies even at low speeds.
  • Burning Odors from the engine compartment?
  • Fluid Leaks:
  • Vehicle Noise:
  • Poor Transmission Fluid Quality:
  • Difficult to Shift Gears:

If your vehicle exhibits any of these signs or symptoms, It should be evaluated by one of our experienced transmission experts.

Transmission Flush and Fluid Exchange

Preventative maintenance includes scheduled transmission service, such as a transmission fluid change helps to keep your transmission running at peak performance. It can also help by preventing expensive repairs. Most manufacturers recommend a transmission service every 30,000 miles or every second year. We use high quality transmission fluid including synthetic and performance ATF and conditioners. Stop transmission wear with a high grade universal synthetic ATF service.

Mile’s Auto Service offers highly experienced technicians in our locally owned and operated shop. We offer quality car care services including manual and automatic transmission service. Help keep your transmission in top condition with quality auto repair and service from Mile’s Auto Service. We provide outstanding automotive service in Turnersville, New Jersey.

Our Turnersville transmission repair and services include:

  • Automatic and Manual Transmission care.
  • Tire Care
  • Tune up and engine care
  • 24-Hour Towing
  • State Inspections
  • And more

We offer our customers:

  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • Most Extended Warranties Honored
  • We Work On Most Makes And Models

Member Of:

  • Bumper To Bumper Car Care
  • 24/24 Warranty

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