Turnersville Oil Change

Mile’s Auto Service located in Turnersville, NJ treats an oil change with the attention it deserves. Nothing else you can do to your vehicle can extend its life with the same certainty as changing the oils and fluids. We are a highly experienced, locally owned and operated full-service shop staffed with fast, prompt ASE Certified Technicians.

What we do for your Oil Change Service
Our full-service oil change includes the following:

  • A review of your vehicle´s oil and fluids prior to a change as the condition of these lubricants are the best means of diagnosing problems — or potential issues.
  • We change your oil to the specifications of your vehicle´s manufacturer.
  • We replace fluids and liquids per your instructions and make you aware of any others that may need attention.
  • We conduct a bumper to bumper car-care inspection — free of charge — in order to make certain our customers are aware of the condition of their vehicle.

All You Need to Know About Oil and Lubricants

We at Miles understand that your car’s priority is our priority, but it can be tough to remember everything that your car needs. Start with the basics and just try to remember to have your oil changed once every 5,000 miles or three months. Additionally, ask one of our Turnersville mechanics to review the condition of your oil any time you take your vehicle into the shop, regardless of the reason.

If you take your car care seriously, our Turnersville oil change station and full-service auto repair is the shop that will treat your car professionally and promptly.