Turnersville Brake Repair

Look through the brake services Miles Auto Service offers below! We believe you will see your Turnersville Brake Repair shop can accomplish a great deal more with respect to your vehicle´s brakes than many other brake service providers.

At Miles Auto Service, we can measure:

  • front and rear brake pad wear
  • rotor wear
  • drum wear
  • dip strip fluid tests
  • e-brake inspections

In addition to inspection, our Turnersville Brake Repair can:

  • Install new brakes or pads
  • Resurface or replace brake rotors and drums
  • Change brake fluid
  • Bleed brake lines
  • Replace lines and hoses
  • Repair and rebuild brakes completely

How to Know if You Need Your Brakes Inspected

The signs or indicators of brake issues are:

  • Scraping, squealing, screeching or thudding sounds when you apply the brakes
  • There is a cushion between the application of the brakes and the moment the brakes initiate
  • The brakes stick or brake hard once you slow to a certain speed
  • The front wheels pull in one direction or another when you brake

If you have any of these concerns with your brakes or your vehicle has any malfunctioning brake warning lights, stop by your Turnersville Brake Repair – Miles Auto Service for a free inspection!