Does your New Driver have these essentials in their car? 

Every teen driver should have all the tools to
protect themselves from any dangerous situation.

We've all been there: It's late at night and cold and the car breaks down. It doesn't matter if it's on a lonely country road or a busy highway, it can be terrifying. The fear of being left alone in the middle of nowhere can be overwhelming. Being stuck on the side of a busy highway, terrified of being hit by other cars, can make for a really bad night. Many of us, including me, get a knot in our stomach just thinking about.

Having the right items in your vehicle can save you a great deal of hassle, time and might save your life. Over 4,000 pedestrians are killed every year on American roadways. Of those, over 700 are working on their cars near roadways.

That’s why I've created the Survive the Highway Trunk Bag. This is your starter kit ready to go that has the items you need that just may save your life on the road.

Hi, my name is Fred, owner of MILES Auto Service, here in Washington Township. I’ve been in the auto industry all my adult life. I have also rescued many stranded drivers while working as a tow truck driver. I have seen and experienced many dangerous situations that could have been handled different if the driver had the right knowledge.

This bag contains the very items you’ll need in a time of an emergency at your finger tips.

We assembled these bags at our last student class and have 22 left. Act now to get yours at this incredible deal! Just think how how much you would spend on such things stranded on a dark road.

Each bag contains:

A FIRST AID KIT: You don’t need a paramedic’s trauma bag but everyone should have a simple first aid kit in the car.

WATER & FOOD: Water is important in any survival situation but in this case, it could save you as well as the car or just to wash your hands after a quick fix. Food is good to have if your car is stuck and you have to wait a long time for help. It’s good to have some on hand because its always best to stay with the car instead of leave it looking for help.

A FLASHLIGHT: Incase of a break down you may loose all power. A flash light may help you find your way or to locate the problem in the car itself. If you have a flat tire it makes it much easier to find all the lug nuts in the dark. It may even be necessary to signal for help.

A BLANKET: If your car brakes down in the cold obviously your heater wont work either and it wont be long before the car starts to get cold inside.

SIGNAL DEVICE: Some type of device whether a flare or led flasher is important to have to alert other drivers of your situation. If on the highway it’s hard to see a broke down car on the side of the road until you’re very close. It’s best to be seen from a long distance.

GLOVES: To keep your hands clean but more importantly safe. Picture changing a flat tire and some of the steel belts are exposed, now think about the possibility of running over some road kill and now that steel pokes though your hand (ewwww.)

SAFETY HAMMER: These are the little hammers with a sharp point to break a window as well as have a little knife to cut seat belts.

All of these items represent extreme events and hopefully never be needed, but for the small price to get them and little space they take up why wouldn’t you? Hopefully you have your insurance card in the glove box incase of an accident, the above items are just an extension of that insurance to cover you just incase.

Aside from Your Personal Survival Here are
7 Things to Have for Your Car's Survival!

 A Tire Pressure Gauge is one of the most overlooked things and most important things for the car is the tire pressure. The tire pressure affects the stability of the car as well as the fuel economy.

Rags to clean things, to check levels, to wipe you hands, even tie things. There are plenty of reasons to keep rags on hand.

Fuses a simple 3 cent fuse can stop a car.

A Multi-Tip Screw Driver

Zip Ties can be used to secure many little parts that may be loose and be in danger. A pack of nylon zip ties can save many situations.

Pliers/Vice Grips

Duct Tape WD-40, if it's un-stuck and needs to be stuck, use some Duct Tape. If it's stuck and needs to be unstuck, use some WD-40. Need I say more?