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Auto Safety

Your Parking Brake and You

It goes by many names: parking brake, emergency brake, handbrake, E brake. When used properly it can be one of the most important safety features on your car. This secondary breaking system was created to be used in the case of brake system failure. These days most of the safety benefit comes from using it…

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Fender-Bender? Important Do’s and Dont’s

It happens all the time on Sewell streets and in parking lots. A driver hits another automobile at slow speed. The damage is minimal. Nobody is hurt. So the motorists exchange insurance information and agree to leave it at that. Why call a police officer for something so minor? There are actually several critical reasons.…

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7 Reasons To Pull Over Immediately!

1. Strange Vibrations or Sounds This could indicate a malfunction with your brakes, steering, tires, or suspension. Pull over, call Miles Auto Service at (856) 441-3894 and one of our service professionals can counsel you on next steps. 2. You Smell Something Burning It may be something inconsequential or a major emergency, but you don’t…

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Prepare for Back to School

      You have likely driven in a variety of circumstances in your years of driving. You probably have driven in downpours, high winds, and even blizzard like conditions. You may have driven on roads that were slippery, gotten misdirected by detours, and ran out of gas a time or two. The benefit of…

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