Auto Trivia

Why Auto Recycling is Eco-Friendly

Are you all about recycling? Do you save your newspapers and plastic bottles and send them to the recycler? Do you drop off your old clothes to thrift stores? Have you ever thought about what happens to your car at the end of its useful life? The automobile recycling industry has been thriving for over…

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Car Talk: Who Owns Who?

The 21st century automotive ruling class contains as many intermarriages as 19th century European nobility. Take Toyota, for example. They actually own Lexus and Scion, so next time you take the wheel of a luxurious Lexus, look a little closer and you may see some design cues modeled on Toyota. Let’s review some other auto…

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Just For Fun: Cinema Car Trivia

Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark Fun Fact: To make the noise of the boulder plummeting toward Indiana, the audio team recorded a car rolling with the motor off. Bonus Fact: To make the trucks’ motors sound extra fierce for the chase sequences, tracks of real-life tiger growls were incorporated.1 Movie: Back to the Future Fun Fact:…

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