4 Bucket List Euro Drives

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When you think of the world’s most exceptional auto brands and automakers, I’m sure you think of at least one European brand. BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz are produced in Germany. Ferrari and Lamborghini are manufactured in Italy. McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Bentley are all fabricated in Great Britain. As you can tell, Europe has a well-respected automotive tradition, but guess what else they have? Some of the best places to drive in the world! (Is there a connection here?)

Many American auto enthusiasts would love to have a speedy European sports car, (a Lambo Aventador would do nicely) and a breathtaking, open European road ahead with big sweeper turns and few stop signs. Of course, not all roads are created equal and there are some stretches of road that are notorious for their adventure, scenery, and the driving experience they deliver. Here are some European routes that are on many drivers’ bucket lists.

Hochstrasse, Black Forest, Germany

Why it’s on the list? It’s a spectacular mountain pass that carves through a lush, dense forest. It also has tight switchbacks and loads of sweeping curves that provide hours of driving magic.

Furka Pass, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Why it’s on the list? Few mountain ranges are as stunningly beautiful as the Swiss Alps. Furka Pass is a narrow, twisting charmer that takes you on one of the most awe-inspiring cruises through the Alps.

Military Highway, Highlands, Scotland

Why it’s on the list? National Park routes are famous for offering scenic gems and this one is no exception. Military Highway goes through Cairngorms, National Park and offers outstanding views and oodles of natural wonders.

Col de la Bonnette, French Alps, France

Why it’s on the list? The French Alps offer another mountain pass with sensational views and smooth roads. This national treasure has been giving James Bond wannabes the ultimate driving experience for decades!

If driving one of these routes in a luxurious and speedy European car is one of your dreams, we hope you’ll someday get the chance. If you spend most of your time on New Jersey roads and live in the Sewell area, you need a trusted local service advisor to keep your automobile performing at its best. Many New Jersey drivers depend on the team of automotive professionals at Miles Auto Service. We invite you to become another satisfied customer. Call (856) 441-3894 for more information about our services.


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