7 Reasons To Pull Over Immediately!

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1. Strange Vibrations or Sounds

This could indicate a malfunction with your brakes, steering, tires, or suspension. Pull over, call Miles Auto Service at (856) 441-3894 and one of our service professionals can counsel you on next steps.

2. You Smell Something Burning

It may be something inconsequential or a major emergency, but you don’t want to take the chance of causing costly damage to your vehicle or put your passengers at risk. Pull over and check it out.

3. To Search for Something

Your cell phone slides between the seat and the console and you think you can pull off an amazing contortionist move and keep driving. Don’t count on your yoga/steering multitasking prowess. Stop on the side of the road for two minutes and fetch your phone.

4. Health Issue

Heart attacks and strokes can be preceded by somewhat mild symptoms. If something seems amiss, pull over immediately and either call 911 or phone someone to pick you up.

5. Temperature or Oil Warning

Overheating or too little oil pressure is a clear and present danger to your engine. Protect your investment and pull your vehicle over.

6. You Lose Visibility

Whether it’s weather-related or not, it is extremely risky to keep driving if you can’t see the road. (This seems like a no-brainer, but some motorists think they can ride it out if they simply slow down.) Pull over slowly and carefully and either wait for a break in the fog/downpour/blizzard or remove the roadkill from your windshield.

7. You Are Dozing Off

Don’t mistakenly believe you can keep your eyeballs open by sheer force of will. Pull over, recline your seat, and take a refreshing nap on the side of the road. Ah! Doesn’t that feel better?


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