How Algorithms Affect Your Driving

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“Algorithm” is a big, scary word. But, boiled down, all an algorithm is a set of specific rules that are followed (usually by a computer) to solve a problem. Often the problem that needs to be solved is a prediction for a company so they can improve their business.

Many businesses in the automotive industry use algorithms. This can lead to services that are better personalized to each individual auto owner. Here are a few examples.

Car Insurance

Being able to accurately forecast the future is really at the core of the auto insurance industry. And as algorithms improve, so do insurance companies’ predictions. Couple that with the ability of smart cars and special devices to gather data on individual drivers’ habits and road conditions—and you have a very powerful tool.


Ever wonder if the warranty is actually worth it? Well, now a computer might be able to answer that question. Auto buyers can be in a better position to see the true value of a warranty when factors such as driving style and patterns are taken into account.

Vehicle Pricing

Having a better set of specifics on all of the automobiles on the market, along with a handy algorithm to make sense of all the data, will improve car valuations. Both buyers and sellers benefit!


Algorithms have been used to improve traffic flow by city planners for a long time. But today vehicles have the capacity to sense each other and process the data using an algorithm. Then the car can decide how to react, and it turns out that the cars react in ways that make traffic flow more smoothly.

While you may not be too concerned by the masses of data running through algorithms at automobile manufacturers, we here at Miles Auto Service know that you are seeking information about quality automotive care. We’ll solve your car problems with or without an algorithm. Come in and see us today.

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