Leather Upholstery Do’s and Don’ts

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The automotive service team at Miles Auto Service is passionate about keeping vehicles properly maintained so they can perform at peak condition for as long as possible. Some of our clients’ vehicles have 200k+ miles, are still in admirable condition, and have many more serviceable years left in them. And, by the way, they welcome the fact that these dependable rides were completely paid off years ago.

Conversely, we also occasionally see newish vehicles that have been utterly thrashed and abused. We often remind our clients (for good reason) that missing maintenance services like oil changes has some pretty serious consequences, but we don’t stress the importance of interior care nearly enough. In today’s post, we turn our attention to caring for leather auto upholstery. Leather is quite strong and will serve you well if properly cared for. If you have never given a thought to your leather auto seats, we urge you to spend twenty minutes on your next day off and give them a good cleaning and conditioning.

Do: Consult your owner’s manual to see if there are any special guidelines for your leather upholstery.

Do: Clean and condition your leather interior upholstery at least four times a year. Once a month is even better. Start a regular cleaning schedule as soon as you buy your auto, whether new or used. It will only take a few minutes each time and they will remain looking new.

Do: Use cleaners and conditioners designed specifically for leather upholstery, or make your own with olive oil and vinegar, or Castile soap and warm water.

Do: Follow the product directions.

Don’t: Use products with ammonia, bleach, or silicone.

Do: Test the cleaner on an inconspicous area to be certain that there are no unintended effects.

Do: Vacuum the seats first to expel particles of dirt. If the grit is left on the seats, it may scratch the leather when you wipe them down.

Do: Use a vinyl or horse hair brush. Wipe dry with a micro-fiber cloth. There are also special brushes that can be used with a cordless drill or rotary buffer.

Do: Repeat the cleaning process several times if there is a lot of dirt build-up.

Don’t: Saturate the seats with the cleaning products. This could cause stains, or the liquid could soak through to the cushion. Be especially careful if the leather is perforated.

Do: Clean up spills quickly to reduce the chance of staining.

If would like to hire a professional detailer, call Miles Auto Service at (856) 441-3894 for a recommendation. If you need quality engine repair or maintenance, stop by our service center at 1007 Tuckahoe Rd. in Sewell or call to make an appointment.

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