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By law, every vehicle out on the road is required to have a license plate that is up-to-date and registered. Most auto owners buy a vehicle, go through the common process of getting a license plate, and are satisfied with the random numbers and letters assigned to the car. But then there are men and women who like to make their car extra special and unique, so they order a customized license plate, sometimes called a “vanity plate.”

Since US license plates typically have space for just seven letters, American motorists have to get creative when it comes to expressing a phrase, message, or name. We’ve found some inventive plates for you to test your license plate deciphering skills.

  1. A plate on a California vehicle reads, “9 3QTRS”
  2. Next, “HIOFCER”
  3. Third is a Lamborghini proudly proclaiming, “2L8IWUN”
  4. Number 4 is, “NVRLKBK”
  5. Lastly, we found a plate on the back of Aston Martin that read, “BKRPTCY”

If you haven’t already figured these out, we’ll help you with the answers below.

The first plate belongs to someone who took Harry Potter fandom to the next level. If you remember the train station platform that leads to Hogwarts, it is labeled 9 3/4. Hopefully, this muggle won’t try driving into any solid brick archways in search of a hidden portal.

The second plate says “Hi Officer.” We wonder if the is more likely to get out of a ticket because of the cheerful greeting on the license plate.

The Lamborghini plate says, rather boastfully, “Too late, I won.” We have to admit, however, that the message is apt since few autos are quicker than a Lambo. Good luck racing this guy or gal.

Number 4 says “Never look back.” Maybe this motto expresses a life philosophy or perhaps is just a warning to trailing car owners to keep their eyes on the road ahead instead of in their rear view mirror.

The last plate is a rather ironic, “Bankruptcy.” We’re guessing that if this Aston Martin is paid for, the owner won’t have to file bankruptcy any time soon. But if the motorist does end up filing bankruptcy, that pricey car could be to blame!

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Note: The car pictured is a ZAZ Zaporozhets 965 built from 1960-1963 (with Ukraine plates).

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