Don't Sweat it... 
Is your AC working at peak performance?

Miles Auto Service's Dog Days of Summer 
AC Quick Check Special

This full service is much more than the quick checks you see around town and this particular service normally goes for $59.99, but until June 16th , I'm going to offer this complete AC service for just $19.99!

 We know its going to be hot this year and we feel it’s just a community service to keep you cool!

Don't Fear the HEAT This Summer!
Get Your AC Quick Check Now!

My name is Fred White of Miles Auto Service and I’ve specialized in automotive air conditioning repairs for longer than I’ve had my shop. Even before I started Miles Auto that’s all I did for 4 years was auto air conditioning repairs.

You see, most cars lose just a little refrigerant over time and after a few years start to lose a few degrees of cool. This is why the manufacturers have to keep changing up the formula to make it safer for the environment. Unlike your home or refrigerator, the time consuming task of soldering all the joints can’t be done on the assembly line. Cars are put together using just a slip fit o-ring “quick connect” and over time these joints will lose just a little refrigerant. You see, this happens over time and you just don’t notice it and become accustomed to it not working as good. In the long run this will cost you in more wear and tear on your engine as well as costing you in fuel.

If your looking to get the most out of your car. And want to stay as comfortable as you can this summer than we have the solution for you.

The Miles Auto Service's AC Quick Check Special and ventilation clean out is a comprehensive air conditioning check out that will probe every aspect of your system to get every last degree to you even while sweltering on a hot summer highway stuck in traffic.

Here's What You Get...

  • An air conditioning system pressure check.
  • A full system electrical check (compressor clutch fan relays and modules)
  • Condenser and fan check to be sure they are in top shape and free of any temp robbing debris
  • And a disinfecting vent cleaning mist to remove any harmful mold that may be lurking unknown in the system


Mold/Mildew Buildup


Pet Dander

Miles Auto Service's Dog Days of Summer AC Quick Check only $19.99!

Offer expires Midnight on 6/16/17