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Miles Auto Repair

In the process of finding a name that sums up our philosophy and our goal, I wanted to find one word to pinpoint our focus. I picked Miles because that is the basic use of a car, to get you though the “miles” safely and at the lowest overall cost per mile.

Getting the Most Comfortable Miles:

I can’t think of a worse situation involving a car than one broken down on the side of the road, trapped in a hot car, no air conditioning, inches from speeding traffic. That’s kind of extreme though when I say comfortable miles I’m thinking how uncomfortable it is to drive a car with bad struts or an out of balance tire. These are the little things that wear you out over time, they fatigue you on long trips but worse they prematurely wear out related parts of your car reducing the longevity of a reliable car. And many of these little things are easily repaired at minimal cost.

Get the Most Miles Out of Your Car

We have all heard stories about people getting several hundred thousand miles out of ordinary cars. I just read about the current record holder has 1.8 MILLION MILES! on his 1966 Volvo he bought of the showroom floor It’s not because of some miracle car some oddity from the factory. The longevity all boils down to maintenance, how the car is taken care of. As professionals in the auto industry we know how long some parts will last and anticipating there failure is a strong part of keeping the car lasting as long as possible. For example engine coolant works for about 24 months or 4 severe seasons, 2 hot summers and 2 cold winters. Now it doesn’t just shut off telling us to change it slowly stops doing its jobs. Coolant should most importantly stop the engine from over heating , stop the coolant from freezing and expanding in side the engine but also coat the inside of the engine from rusting and lubricate the water pump as it circulates the water though the engine. After 24 months the coolant is no longer strong enough to do the last two jobs. Now the water pump is at risk of premature failure and the inside of the engine block is slowly rusting away. After this layer of rust builds inside of the engine it is very hard to get out only after repeated flushes. This is one example of the hundreds of systems working together to make any car move.

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