Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Office

Today’s article is for road warriors who have not ventured technologically beyond a phone charger plugged into their cigarette lighter. Fortunately, it’s never been smoother to conduct business from your vehicle. By investing in a few helpful pieces of equipment, you can be more capable and professional while working from the road. Get Connected You…

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Miles Auto Service Car Talk: Car or Truck?

Generally, we acquire vehicles according to our needs. Do we need to transport kids back and forth to school? Or do we need to haul motorcycles and ATVs into the great New Jersey outdoors? Some people will always favor trucks and some will always choose cars. Let’s talk about a few main points that continue…

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Miles Auto Service Fun Stuff: Origins of Your Favorite Auto Emblems

At Miles Auto Service, we love all things vehicle-related. Occasionally, we discuss the history of some of our favorite auto emblems—those iconic works of art that are used in advertisements, on dealership signs, and adorn vehicle hoods in three dimensional glory. The beautiful hood ornament pictured above was used by the Auburn Car Company, which…

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Young Luke and Leia get help buying a used car

Young Luke just lost his car to a severe breakdown. Now he must fight the evil used car empire to find a new one on his modest budget. Fortunately he got help along the way

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Car Talk: Who Owns Who?

The 21st century automotive ruling class contains as many intermarriages as 19th century European nobility. Take Toyota, for example. They actually own Lexus and Scion, so next time you take the wheel of a luxurious Lexus, look a little closer and you may see some design cues modeled on Toyota. Let’s review some other auto…

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Spring is here

So we didn’t really have a record breaker this year, but its still very important to get the car cleaned from cold weather use. The Spring Cleaning package we offer is the most comprehensive engine cleaning we offer But we can only offer this great deal for a short time, so click here to take advantage…

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Just For Fun: Cinema Car Trivia

Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark Fun Fact: To make the noise of the boulder plummeting toward Indiana, the audio team recorded a car rolling with the motor off. Bonus Fact: To make the trucks’ motors sound extra fierce for the chase sequences, tracks of real-life tiger growls were incorporated.1 Movie: Back to the Future Fun Fact:…

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What Do You Think? What’s Your Favorite Auto Brand?

Some Sewell car owners are loyal to one vehicle brand, while others will mix and match different makes to suit all of their needs. There are hundreds of brands of cars internationally but most of the small ones are owned by one of the following mega-corporations: General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Fiat-Chrysler, Daimler, Renault-Nissan, Honda, BMW,…

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