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  • 4 Bucket List Euro Drives

    When you think of the world’s most exceptional auto brands and automakers, I’m sure you think of at least one European brand. BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz are produced in Germany. Ferrari and Lamborghini are manufactured in [...]
  • Military Vehicles on the Road Today

    Jeep has become a household name for offroad enthusiasts who use them to climb mountains and maneuver over rough terrain. The Mercedes Benz G wagon is another all-terrain vehicle that has become an extremely popular luxury SUV. And the Hummer [...]
  • The Most Expensive Places to Drive

    When you consider the rates of owning and driving an automobile, you probably think about the initial purchase, oil changes, gas, and repairs. But what about the roads we drive on? Building and maintaining thoroughfares for auto travel is not [...]
  • Prepare for Back to School

    You have likely driven in a variety of circumstances in your years of driving. You probably have driven in downpours, high winds, and even blizzard like conditions. You may have driven on roads that were slippery, gotten misdirected by detours, [...]
  • Keep It? Sell It? Trade It In?

    Our relationship with our car is different for each of us. Some car owners develop a connection with their car because it is such a key part of their life. It carries them back and forth to work, makes family vacations possible, and takes them [...]
  • Miles Auto Service : A Better Way To Shop For Cars

    Are you old enough to remember what it was like to look for a car before the internet revolutionized shopping for, well, everything? Before the internet made its grand entrance, the car buying experience was generally the same for everyone. [...]
  • Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Office

    Today's article is for road warriors who have not ventured technologically beyond a phone charger plugged into their cigarette lighter. Fortunately, it's never been smoother to conduct business from your vehicle. By investing in a few helpful [...]
  • Miles Auto Service Car Talk: Car or Truck?

    Generally, we acquire vehicles according to our needs. Do we need to transport kids back and forth to school? Or do we need to haul motorcycles and ATVs into the great New Jersey outdoors? Some people will always favor trucks and some will [...]
  • Miles Auto Service Fun Stuff: Origins of Your Favorite Auto Emblems

    At Miles Auto Service, we love all things vehicle-related. Occasionally, we discuss the history of some of our favorite auto emblems—those iconic works of art that are used in advertisements, on dealership signs, and adorn vehicle hoods [...]
  • Luke-Leia

    Young Luke and Leia get help buying a used car

    Young Luke just lost his car to a severe breakdown. Now he must fight the evil used car empire to find a new one on his modest budget. Fortunately he got help along the way