• What Do Those Numbers On My Tire Mean?

    Way back in 1971, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandated a standard tire identification number (TIN). The NHTSA wanted to make it easier to contact owners when a tire was found defective and needed to be [...]
  • Your Parking Brake and You

    It goes by many names: parking brake, emergency brake, handbrake, E brake. When used properly it can be one of the most important safety features on your car. This secondary breaking system was created to be used in the case of brake system [...]
  • How Algorithms Affect Your Driving

    "Algorithm" is a big, scary word. But, boiled down, all an algorithm is a set of specific rules that are followed (usually by a computer) to solve a problem. Often the problem that needs to be solved is a prediction for a company so they can [...]
  • Fender-Bender? Important Do’s and Dont’s

    It happens all the time on Sewell streets and in parking lots. A driver hits another automobile at slow speed. The damage is minimal. Nobody is hurt. So the motorists exchange insurance information and agree to leave it at that. Why call a [...]
  • Nifty Gadgets For Traveling With Pets

    Dogs Are People Too! Cat Lover On Board. I Like Big Mutts And I Cannot Lie! My Cats Are Smarter Than Your Honor Student. These are some of the bumper stickers you might find slapped on the vehicles of pet lovers. But there are probably some [...]
  • Why Auto Recycling is Eco-Friendly

    Are you all about recycling? Do you save your newspapers and plastic bottles and send them to the recycler? Do you drop off your old clothes to thrift stores? Have you ever thought about what happens to your car at the end of its useful [...]
  • Leather Upholstery Do’s and Don’ts

    The automotive service team at Miles Auto Service is passionate about keeping vehicles properly maintained so they can perform at peak condition for as long as possible. Some of our clients' vehicles have 200k+ miles, are still in admirable [...]
  • 7 Reasons To Pull Over Immediately!

    1. Strange Vibrations or Sounds This could indicate a malfunction with your brakes, steering, tires, or suspension. Pull over, call Miles Auto Service at (856) 441-3894 and one of our service professionals can counsel you on next steps.2. [...]
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  • Miles Auto Service Car Talk: GR8PLTS

    By law, every vehicle out on the road is required to have a license plate that is up-to-date and registered. Most auto owners buy a vehicle, go through the common process of getting a license plate, and are satisfied with the random numbers [...]