Military Vehicles on the Road Today

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Jeep has become a household name for offroad enthusiasts who use them to climb mountains and maneuver over rough terrain. The Mercedes Benz G wagon is another all-terrain vehicle that has become an extremely popular luxury SUV. And the Hummer is known for its imposing presence on the road. All three of these automobiles have a few things in common, but today we’re going to get a little insight on the critical roles each of these well-built vehicles played in war.

The Car That Won World War II

Let us start with Jeep. Back in the heart of World War II, Jeep SUVs were being produced by both Willys-Overland and Ford Motor Company. They were each manufacturing a similar model of the Jeep and both models were made solely for military purposes. This means that not a single Jeep at the time was designed for civilian drivers. War officers and commanders trusted in the Jeep continually. Jeeps sent to battle were outfitted with huge, mounted rifles, Jeeps with flat bed rears were used to dispatch goods and wounded soldiers, and Jeeps with extra armor carried important personnel to and from dangerous battle zones. The Jeep was an inestimable asset for troops.

From Military Transport to Suburban Status Symbol

As mentioned above, today the Mercedes G Wagon is considered one of the relatively few opulent SUVs on the road. Mercedes Benz has taken the big, boxy design and turned it into a modern, well-appointed SUV. But before the G Wagon became so showy, it also was playing a role in combat. What does the G stand for? Geländewagen. Gelandewagen in German translates to “cross-country vehicle.” Mercedes designed the solid G Wagon in the 1970s when the Shah of Iran ordered 20,000 vehicles that could maneuver over any terrain in any climate found anywhere in the world. The G Wagon is currently being used by 63 armies worldwide.

The Gulf War Desert Driver

Lastly is the Hummer which made its debut in 1983. The Pentagon offered $1 billion to AM General Corporation to develop 55,000 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles also known as Humvees and Hummers. They were deployed in the war in Panama and also the Persian Gulf War. It was intended for schlepping troops and cargo in areas away from active combat, but as the nature of warfare changed, it started being used in urban combat. The monster SUV is no longer used by the US military (production ended in 2010), but there are still many nonmilitary Hummers still on the road.

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