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By law, every vehicle out on the road is required to have a license plate that is up-to-date and registered. Most auto owners buy a vehicle, go through the common process of getting a license plate, and are satisfied with the random numbers and letters assigned to the car. But then there are men and women who like to make their car extra special and unique, so they order a customized license plate, sometimes called a “vanity plate.”

Since US license plates typically have space for just seven letters, American motorists have to get creative when it comes to expressing a phrase, message, or name. We’ve found some inventive plates for you to test your license plate deciphering skills.

  1. A plate on a California vehicle reads, “9 3QTRS”
  2. Next, “HIOFCER”
  3. Third is a Lamborghini proudly proclaiming, “2L8IWUN”
  4. Number 4 is, “NVRLKBK”
  5. Lastly, we found a plate on the back of Aston Martin that read, “BKRPTCY”

If you haven’t already figured these out, we’ll help you with the answers below.

The first plate belongs to someone who took Harry Potter fandom to the next level. If you remember the train station platform that leads to Hogwarts, it is labeled 9 3/4. Hopefully, this muggle won’t try driving into any solid brick archways in search of a hidden portal.

The second plate says “Hi Officer.” We wonder if the is more likely to get out of a ticket because of the cheerful greeting on the license plate.

The Lamborghini plate says, rather boastfully, “Too late, I won.” We have to admit, however, that the message is apt since few autos are quicker than a Lambo. Good luck racing this guy or gal.

Number 4 says “Never look back.” Maybe this motto expresses a life philosophy or perhaps is just a warning to trailing car owners to keep their eyes on the road ahead instead of in their rear view mirror.

The last plate is a rather ironic, “Bankruptcy.” We’re guessing that if this Aston Martin is paid for, the owner won’t have to file bankruptcy any time soon. But if the motorist does end up filing bankruptcy, that pricey car could be to blame!

Here is an important message for car owners looking for the most trusted auto repair center in Sewell: “Call Miles Auto Service for GR8SRVC!”

Note: The car pictured is a ZAZ Zaporozhets 965 built from 1960-1963 (with Ukraine plates).

4 Bucket List Euro Drives

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When you think of the world’s most exceptional auto brands and automakers, I’m sure you think of at least one European brand. BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz are produced in Germany. Ferrari and Lamborghini are manufactured in Italy. McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Bentley are all fabricated in Great Britain. As you can tell, Europe has a well-respected automotive tradition, but guess what else they have? Some of the best places to drive in the world! (Is there a connection here?)

Many American auto enthusiasts would love to have a speedy European sports car, (a Lambo Aventador would do nicely) and a breathtaking, open European road ahead with big sweeper turns and few stop signs. Of course, not all roads are created equal and there are some stretches of road that are notorious for their adventure, scenery, and the driving experience they deliver. Here are some European routes that are on many drivers’ bucket lists.

Hochstrasse, Black Forest, Germany

Why it’s on the list? It’s a spectacular mountain pass that carves through a lush, dense forest. It also has tight switchbacks and loads of sweeping curves that provide hours of driving magic.

Furka Pass, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Why it’s on the list? Few mountain ranges are as stunningly beautiful as the Swiss Alps. Furka Pass is a narrow, twisting charmer that takes you on one of the most awe-inspiring cruises through the Alps.

Military Highway, Highlands, Scotland

Why it’s on the list? National Park routes are famous for offering scenic gems and this one is no exception. Military Highway goes through Cairngorms, National Park and offers outstanding views and oodles of natural wonders.

Col de la Bonnette, French Alps, France

Why it’s on the list? The French Alps offer another mountain pass with sensational views and smooth roads. This national treasure has been giving James Bond wannabes the ultimate driving experience for decades!

If driving one of these routes in a luxurious and speedy European car is one of your dreams, we hope you’ll someday get the chance. If you spend most of your time on New Jersey roads and live in the Sewell area, you need a trusted local service advisor to keep your automobile performing at its best. Many New Jersey drivers depend on the team of automotive professionals at Miles Auto Service. We invite you to become another satisfied customer. Call (856) 441-3894 for more information about our services.

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Jeep has become a household name for offroad enthusiasts who use them to climb mountains and maneuver over rough terrain. The Mercedes Benz G wagon is another all-terrain vehicle that has become an extremely popular luxury SUV. And the Hummer is known for its imposing presence on the road. All three of these automobiles have a few things in common, but today we’re going to get a little insight on the critical roles each of these well-built vehicles played in war.

The Car That Won World War II

Let us start with Jeep. Back in the heart of World War II, Jeep SUVs were being produced by both Willys-Overland and Ford Motor Company. They were each manufacturing a similar model of the Jeep and both models were made solely for military purposes. This means that not a single Jeep at the time was designed for civilian drivers. War officers and commanders trusted in the Jeep continually. Jeeps sent to battle were outfitted with huge, mounted rifles, Jeeps with flat bed rears were used to dispatch goods and wounded soldiers, and Jeeps with extra armor carried important personnel to and from dangerous battle zones. The Jeep was an inestimable asset for troops.

From Military Transport to Suburban Status Symbol

As mentioned above, today the Mercedes G Wagon is considered one of the relatively few opulent SUVs on the road. Mercedes Benz has taken the big, boxy design and turned it into a modern, well-appointed SUV. But before the G Wagon became so showy, it also was playing a role in combat. What does the G stand for? Geländewagen. Gelandewagen in German translates to “cross-country vehicle.” Mercedes designed the solid G Wagon in the 1970s when the Shah of Iran ordered 20,000 vehicles that could maneuver over any terrain in any climate found anywhere in the world. The G Wagon is currently being used by 63 armies worldwide.

The Gulf War Desert Driver

Lastly is the Hummer which made its debut in 1983. The Pentagon offered $1 billion to AM General Corporation to develop 55,000 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles also known as Humvees and Hummers. They were deployed in the war in Panama and also the Persian Gulf War. It was intended for schlepping troops and cargo in areas away from active combat, but as the nature of warfare changed, it started being used in urban combat. The monster SUV is no longer used by the US military (production ended in 2010), but there are still many nonmilitary Hummers still on the road.

Though you probably don’t need to transport wounded soldiers in your car, at Miles Auto Service we understand that you use it for other important tasks. We are enthusiastic about making sure your car is always there to carry you through the everyday battles of life. To make an appointment at our Sewell automotive service center, call us at Miles Auto Service.

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When you consider the rates of owning and driving an automobile, you probably think about the initial purchase, oil changes, gas, and repairs. But what about the roads we drive on? Building and maintaining thoroughfares for auto travel is not cheap.

If you live in an area where roads are financed with transportation taxes, you may mistakenly suppose that they are “free” to drive on because you don’t stop and pay every time you travel on the road. (This is probably how “freeways” got their name.) You pay for the use of the road when you swipe your debit card at the pump and pay a substantial amount in taxes.

Communities with toll roads take a different approach to financing their transportation infrastructure. Toll roads are funded by collecting money on the spot from every auto owner that travels the road, and some have significant tolls. Can you guess the sites around the world have the priciest tolls? Check out the quiz below.

1. This freeway is located on the East Coast of the United States of America. The cost of the toll is $1.05 per mile, making it one of the costliest toll roads in the US.

2. This scenic expressway is one of the most well known in Germany. Thrill seekers often drive this no-speed-limit loop to try to get the fastest lap time. Traveling this 13-mile stretch of expressway costs about the equivalent of $32.

3. The third one on our list is a bridge that links Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick, Canada. It spans 8 miles and the cost is currently $46. Hopefully, you can find something to do that’s worth $92 dollars if you take this route to and from the island.

4. Fourth is a tunnel that connects Italy and France. This tunnel saves a lot of time for car owners traveling through the Alps. There’s a heavy price to pay for this shortcut, however. For a one way trip, you’re looking at around $55, and for a round trip, you pay around $68!

5. The last one is another bridge that links some picturesque Northern European islands. The bridge has considerably reduced travel time between the islands. Previously, it required an hour-long ferry ride but now it’s just a 10-minute drive over the bridge. The cost to island hop using this bridge is around $37.

Here are the answers:

1. Chesapeake Expressway, Virginia
2. Nurburgring, Germany
3. Confederation Bridge, Canada
4. Mont Blanc Tunnel, France-Italy
5. Storebaelt (Great Belt Fixed Link) Bridge, Denmark

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      You have likely driven in a variety of circumstances in your years of driving. You probably have driven in downpours, high winds, and even blizzard like conditions. You may have driven on roads that were slippery, gotten misdirected by detours, and ran out of gas a time or two. The benefit of all of these is that hopefully you have learned from them. We know better, what it takes to get through or even avoid these situations. Our teen drivers, however, have no such experience. It may take years for them to experience unexpected issues on the road. But you can put your own expertise to good use by making sure teens have specific items in their cars.

Let's take for example a situation where due to a flat tire or other mechanical issue, your teen needs to pull off of a busy highway or freeway onto the berm. This can be pretty scary, especially when cars are buzzing by at 65 miles per hour, just feet away. This is where some sort signal device can be very handy. By giving fellow travelers enough time with reflective signs, cones, flares or LED lights to notice the disabled vehicle they can better give enough leeway for safe passage. This is particularly true at night when visibility is limited. Even if they have a cell phone and road service those 30 minutes or more waiting for assistance can be worrisome. Make sure their car has some sort of signal device and make sure they understand how to safely use it to warn traffic.

One of the very basic things every teen should have in their car is a flashlight. It can be used to signal for help, it can be used to help them inspect a problem at night, or even to make themselves more visible should it be necessary to leave the vehicle. Keep in mind, you should advise your teen that it is usually considered best practice to stay with a disabled vehicle however.

A first aid kit can come in handy in your teen's vehicle. It doesn't have to be anything dramatic or extensive, but many times we are on the road and could use a bandage, gauze, scissors, cloth tape, aspirin and tweezers. Including some insect repellent and sunscreen can also be a good idea. If you want to be be extra safe, include a couple of bottles of water or even an energy bar or two.

Of course, along with these items you'll want to make sure you have your car insurance card, emergency telephone numbers and always have a charged cell phone. We have any easy way to prepare your teen for the road with our complete list of items they should have in their car to be safer. We encourage you to view the list and perhaps, if you choose, order our complete kit. When your teen is on the road it can be stressful. Reduce that stress by making sure they are prepared.

You have likely driven in a variety of circumstances in your years of driving. You probably have driven in downpours, high winds, and even blizzard like conditions. You may have driven on roads that were slippery, gotten misdirected by detours, and ran out of gas a time or two. The benefit of all of these is that hopefully you have learned from them. We know better, what it takes to get through or even avoid these situations. Our teen drivers, however, have no such experience. It may

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Our relationship with our car is different for each of us. Some car owners develop a connection with their car because it is such a key part of their life. It carries them back and forth to work, makes family vacations possible, and takes them about the world. For others, an automobile is no more than a way to get from Point A to Point B, or worse, a necessary evil.

Whether you love your auto or simple consider it a means to an end, deciding if it’s time for a change can be a difficult task. Do you sell it to the dealership? Sell it to a private buyer? Or is it a smart move to just keep it? Hopefully, this post will help you in your decision.

Sell Back To The Dealer?

Let’s begin with the question of whether you should sell/trade in your car to the dealership. The first thing to know is that the dealership will most likely give you less cash for your auto than you can get from selling it on your own. In some cases, a LOT less. The reason for this is because they will turn around and sell it and they have to make a profit. (Those shiny showrooms don’t pay for themselves.)

Another important thing to consider is how much you owe on your car. If you owe more than what the dealer will give you, the negative equity will roll onto your new loan. For example, if you owe $5,000 on your automobile but the dealership offers you $4,000, the negative equity of $1,000 will roll onto your new car loan. We guide avoiding negative equity since you’ll end up paying even more because that shortfall is subject to interest. Perhaps your only goal is to break even. If you owe $5,000 on your loan, and get $5,000 for your trade in, then you avoid negative equity. Some auto owners will take a lower price from a dealer because they don’t want the hassle of selling it on their own. Trading in is quick, simple, and convenient.

Sell To Private Buyer?

However, if you have the time and patience, selling it on your own is typically the way to get the best price. You’ll want to use the power of the internet. There are multiple websites that will allow you to input the details about your car, and then the site will quote you a fair price based on data they’ve gathered on similar cars and the prices they fetched. You can post your automobile on multiple sites. Just beware of common scams so you don’t get defrauded. Some used car websites have become magnets for scammers. Make sure you avoid buyers who seem sketchy—there are plenty out there. Be smart about who you let take your car on a test drive, pay attention to their method of payment, and be cautious as to where you will meet to discuss the purchase.

With a reasonable price and the right marketing, selling your car privately is possible. If you don’t advertise sufficiently and your automobile is priced too high, selling privately can be a real hassle.

Keep It?

You can always make the choice to retain your ride. If it has a low value on the used car market, is paid off, and still operates well, it may be worth keeping. If you have kids, family members, or friends that could use your automobile, you can always hand it down until it doesn’t run any more. (Think of the good will you would generate!) Depending on the variety of car and your needs, you can always add another automobile that compliments your current car. Many car owners have multiple cars for different purposes, such as an economical commuter buggy and a larger automobile for family trips or a truck for towing. At Miles Auto Service, we understand how your auto is integral to your lifestyle. You can rely on us to keep it in top condition with professional automotive service and repair in Sewell.

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Are you old enough to remember what it was like to look for a car before the internet revolutionized shopping for, well, everything?

Before the internet made its grand entrance, the car buying experience was generally the same for everyone. You’d have to wander down to the dealership, look at the cars they had on the lot and see if one fit your needs. If you didn’t locate the vehicle you were looking for, it was on to the next dealership to continue your search.

If you wanted to purchase a car from a private seller, there was really only the newspaper. There had to be an easier way.

Now, every major automotive company has a website dedicated to their automobiles. On these and other websites you can do all the searching, researching, and comparing right from the comfort of your home. This allows car shoppers to glean a lot of information before purchasing a car.

Another game changer is the built-in car configurator. The car configurator provides you the tools to create and customize your car exactly how you want it. From the paint color on the exterior to the materials in the interior, the choice is yours.

Another meaningful way the world wide web has impacted car buying is on prices. Now it is easier for customers to search their local dealerships for the particular car they want, and then compare the prices. This is pressuring dealers to be more competitive than they’ve ever been.

If you’re looking to buy a vehicle, and you haven’t taken advantage of the web, we highly recommend reading online reviews and spending time researching. If you’re looking for an outstanding automotive service center in Sewell, visit

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Today’s article is for road warriors who have not ventured technologically beyond a phone charger plugged into their cigarette lighter. Fortunately, it’s never been smoother to conduct business from your vehicle. By investing in a few helpful pieces of equipment, you can be more capable and professional while working from the road.

Get Connected

You most likely recognize that the first order of business is to connect to the internet. Most individuals have internet connection functionality with their smartphones but tablets and laptops usually require Wi-fi or a wired internet connection. Mobile hotspots are Wi-fi enabled devices that allow you to take an internet connection just about anywhere. The newest car models are rigged out with mobile hotspots built in so you can always be connected through your laptop or tablet when you’re traveling. If your vehicle isn’t equipped with one, you can choose from several after-market options.

With Bluetooth, you can connect your phone directly to your car so that calls, texts, and notifications can play right over the car speakers. Plenty of cars have Bluetooth in them now and almost every smartphone or tablet is already Bluetooth enabled. All you have to do is connect your device to your car and then adjust the settings so that calls and notifications get routed through your car’s Bluetooth. Like mobile hotspots, if your automobile isn’t equipped with Bluetooth, you can purchase a third-party Bluetooth enabled car infotainment center.

Get Organized

After you have your Bluetooth and mobile hotspot working, it’s time to tame all that paperwork. Glove box and console organizers help you organize documents and other files. Passenger seat desks provide a place to set your computer and any other office supplies. If you work in parking lots regularly, you may want the steering wheel mount laptop. Phone mounts hold your phone so you can check your notifications easily. Need to print or fax? Several organizations sell printers designed to be used in automobiles.

Low-tech Helps

One long time interior fixture for traveling sales people is a handy clothes hanger which will keep a suit or dress wrinkle-free and ready for your next meeting or sales call. If coffee is your fuel of choice, you might want to invest in a wireless heated cup to keep your beverage at your preferred temperature. An air purifier will keep your auto from smelling like old french fries, and a headrest pillow makes a power nap more comfortable.

Sorry, You Can’t Type Up That Report While Driving

Don’t disregard safety while having fun with all this technology. We probably don’t need to remind you not to look at your phone, tablet, or computer while you’re zipping along, but we are going to anyway. (See, we just did!)

Your Most Important Device is a Reliable Car

If you travel for your career, it’s vital to keep up on routine auto maintenance. After all, a car full of handy tools won’t do you much good if your auto is always in the shop. And you don’t want to have a breakdown far from a reliable service center. Let Miles Auto Service keep you up-to-date on scheduled auto maintenance so your office-on-wheels is ready to take you safely wherever your work leads you.

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Generally, we acquire vehicles according to our needs. Do we need to transport kids back and forth to school? Or do we need to haul motorcycles and ATVs into the great New Jersey outdoors? Some people will always favor trucks and some will always choose cars. Let’s talk about a few main points that continue to keep people on either side.

If you were to guess the three top selling vehicles in America in 2016, what would your guess be? My guess would probably be a mid-sized sedan. But it turns out that my speculation would be very wrong.

Did you know that the three best-selling autos in the US all happen to be trucks?

First is the Ford F-Series, second is the Chevrolet Silverado, and third is the Dodge Ram. So what makes trucks so popular? People love the fact that most full-size pickup trucks now have seating for five which is just as much seating as a family sedan. This makes running errands, going on road trips, and traveling to and from work very simple and just as handy as a car. But the main things that appeal to truck owners is the utility of the bed and the towing power. There are endless situations when a truck is capable of doing things that a sedan just can’t. Whether it’s transporting a bunch of moving boxes, scaling a mountain, or pulling a boat, a full-size 4WD truck is typically capable of it all and more.

Many outdoor enthusiasts can’t imagine life without a truck.

Cars have many benefits as well. One that comes to mind first is the selection and variety that is available when choosing a car. I can’t think of one car maker that exclusively makes trucks yet there are many auto manufacturers that don’t have a truck in their lineup. Cars offer a solution for just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for a sports car to zoom around in, a luxury sedan for optimal comfort, or anything in between, there is an automobile for you.

Most car owners also get to enjoy the gas mileage advantage over their truck counterparts.

The most fuel efficient truck I could find is the Chevrolet Colorado at 25 miles per gallon. Compare that to cars and you’ll discover several hybrid cars that can get over 50 miles per gallon. There are also models that are now entirely electric. Car manufacturers typically outfit cars with new technology and features before adding them to trucks.

Cars and trucks each provide their own unique solutions to people’s needs. Are you a car person or a truck person?

At Miles Auto Service, We Service Them All
Whether you zip around in a car, truck, (or car/truck hybrid because you couldn’t decide) we can deliver all of your automotive service needs at Miles Auto Service. Call (856) 441-3894 to make an appointment.


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At Miles Auto Service, we love all things vehicle-related. Occasionally, we discuss the history of some of our favorite auto emblems—those iconic works of art that are used in advertisements, on dealership signs, and adorn vehicle hoods in three dimensional glory. The beautiful hood ornament pictured above was used by the Auburn Car Company, which was in business from 1900 until 1937. Today, we visit a German car manufacturer, Japanese automaker, and one of our US car makers.


A common discussion among car buffs concerning the BMW symbol is whether or not the symbol was inspired by a propeller against a blue sky. Is this true? Well, yes and no.

According to the BMW corporate website, the famous circle (introduced in 1917) was designed to symbolize the Bavarian state colors. In the late twenties, however, it was “reinterpreted” as a propeller in a company advertisement that featured a plane of the era. Considering the company’s aircraft manufacturing origins, the perpetuation of the propeller legend makes perfect sense. BMW Group,


No one really knows exactly how the iconic bowtie came to be. It has often been reported that co-founder William Durant was inspired by the wallpaper in a Paris hotel. However, in 1929, daughter Margery penned a history of her father that indicated that he created it himself while sketching on a dinner napkin. Another Chevrolet historian, Ken Kaufmann, sought to discover the genuine origin of the design. During his search, he found a 1912 coal company newspaper ad with a similar emblem that could have been the inspiration. The history section of the Chevrolet corporate site does not mention the history of the emblem, so perhaps the current owners don’t know the truth either. Motor Trend,


The Toyota logo used today has only been around since 1989 when it was introduced the year Toyota turned 50. The artistic arrangement of ovals symbolizes several corporate values:

“The two perpendicular ovals inside the larger oval represent the heart of the customer and the heart of the company. They are overlapped to represent a mutually beneficial relationship and trust between each other. The overlapping of the two perpendicular ovals inside the outer oval symbolize “T” for Toyota, as well as a steering wheel, representing the vehicle itself. The outer oval symbolizes the world embracing Toyota. Each oval is contoured with different stroke thicknesses, similar to the “brush” art known in Japanese culture.”

What vehicle symbol is your favorite? We are anxious to hear. And we invite you to allow the automotive experts at Miles Auto Service in Sewell to deliver all of your automotive repair needs, regardless of the symbol that graces your automobile.