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It goes by many names: parking brake, emergency brake, handbrake, E brake. When used properly it can be one of the most important safety features on your car. This secondary breaking system was created to be used in the case of brake system failure. These days most of the safety benefit comes from using it when you park your car.

There are four types of parking brakes:

1. Center lever, placed between the two front seats of the automobile
2. Pedal, on the far left of all the floor pedals
3. Stick lever, located under the instrument panel (less common on newer automobiles)
4. Electric or push button, found on the console controls in late-model cars

Many auto owners only decide to use the parking brake when they park on steep hills. This is a serious mistake, especially if you are driving a manual transmission vehicle.

Get into the habit of using your emergency brake every time you park. And if you want to put less stress on your transmission, follow this formula when you park your car.

1. Stop the car all the way with your primary brakes
2. Set the parking brake
3. Place your car in park
4. Turn off the car

Some drivers who have the center lever brake question whether they should push the button in when they set the brake. Well, keep wondering because there is no definitive opinion. Older cars used materials on these brakes that could wear out, but newer vehicles shouldn’t have that issue, despite the ratcheting sound you hear.

If you’ve ever driven with your E brake engaged, don’t be ashamed, it happens to everyone sooner or later. So is it a concern? Yes, that’s why getting into the habit of using the brake is important because you’ll be less likely to forget to disengage it.

But is it the end of the life of your parking brake? Probably not. But it is smart to have an emergency brake inspection. Visit us at Miles Auto Service and we can take a look at your brake system and any other parts of your car that concern you. Call us at (856) 441-3894 for an appointment today.

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“Algorithm” is a big, scary word. But, boiled down, all an algorithm is a set of specific rules that are followed (usually by a computer) to solve a problem. Often the problem that needs to be solved is a prediction for a company so they can improve their business.

Many businesses in the automotive industry use algorithms. This can lead to services that are better personalized to each individual auto owner. Here are a few examples.

Car Insurance

Being able to accurately forecast the future is really at the core of the auto insurance industry. And as algorithms improve, so do insurance companies’ predictions. Couple that with the ability of smart cars and special devices to gather data on individual drivers’ habits and road conditions—and you have a very powerful tool.


Ever wonder if the warranty is actually worth it? Well, now a computer might be able to answer that question. Auto buyers can be in a better position to see the true value of a warranty when factors such as driving style and patterns are taken into account.

Vehicle Pricing

Having a better set of specifics on all of the automobiles on the market, along with a handy algorithm to make sense of all the data, will improve car valuations. Both buyers and sellers benefit!


Algorithms have been used to improve traffic flow by city planners for a long time. But today vehicles have the capacity to sense each other and process the data using an algorithm. Then the car can decide how to react, and it turns out that the cars react in ways that make traffic flow more smoothly.

While you may not be too concerned by the masses of data running through algorithms at automobile manufacturers, we here at Miles Auto Service know that you are seeking information about quality automotive care. We’ll solve your car problems with or without an algorithm. Come in and see us today.

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It happens all the time on Sewell streets and in parking lots. A driver hits another automobile at slow speed. The damage is minimal. Nobody is hurt. So the motorists exchange insurance information and agree to leave it at that. Why call a police officer for something so minor?

There are actually several critical reasons.

Why You Should Get A Police Report If You Are In A Fender-Bender

1. The other driver may sue you for damage you didn’t cause.
2. You want a police officer to document the fender-bender.
3. You might need a police report to file an insurance claim.
4. An injury might not manifest until days later, and you will need the report.
5. The other driver and any witnesses may change their story in the days ahead. You want documentation to establish the facts—especially if you weren’t at fault.

What If The Accident Happens On Private Property?

This situation can be tricky. In some states, officers don’t come to private property if the collision didn’t cause any injuries. In other states, you are only required to file a police report for vehicle damage above a specific dollar amount. The problem is—how do you know how much it will cost to fix it? It’s best to get a police report if you can.

What Do You Do In Case Of An Accident?

You have to exchange insurance information. No matter what. You cannot leave the scene of an accident without exchanging information. You should wait for a police officer to come—as we just established.

Some motorists involved in an accident don’t want to report the incident to their insurance carrier. Usually, it’s because they are afraid their insurance premiums will skyrocket. Regardless of what the other driver wants, you really should report it to your insurance company.

If you don’t, you could give up some legal protections or insurance benefits. And you will probably get in trouble with your own insurer if they find out about the fender-bender in some other way. You pay a lot of money to keep your vehicle insured. Don’t give up protections because another car owner tries to convince you that you can work it out with each other.

If you have been involved in an accident, you need an automotive repair center that works with car insurance companies. At Miles Auto Service, we do insurance repairs to get you back on the road quickly. We can be reached at (856) 441-3894.

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Dogs Are People Too! Cat Lover On Board. I Like Big Mutts And I Cannot Lie! My Cats Are Smarter Than Your Honor Student. These are some of the bumper stickers you might find slapped on the vehicles of pet lovers. But there are probably some really nifty pet accessories inside of those cars too. Here are a few that can keep you and your pets safe and comfortable and avoid some of the wear and tear pets can cause your vehicle.

Upholstery Protection

Seat covers are the optimal upholstery-saver for the pet owner’s car, truck, or van. Most covers are for back bench seats (if your vehicle has front airbags, no pets should ride in the front seat without the airbags disabled), but some slip nicely over bucket seats. There are even pet covers to fit in the cargo area of SUVs. All of them are easy to remove for cleaning.

Containing Your Pet To The Backseat

Speaking of the backseat, keeping your pet there can be problematic. There are plenty of options for barriers that stretch between the front seats. These are usually made of a mesh or a large-weave web so you will still be able to see your dog or cat and they will be able to see you.

Entering and Exiting the Vehicle

Steps and ramps are a great option to help your pet get in and out of your auto, especially as pets get older. There are many ramps that fit onto the back of vans and SUVs and neatly fold up when not in use. Drivers who have large breeds of dog will find these accessories to be much lighter than lifting their furry friends into the car by themselves.

Most cats don’t find car travel as pleasant as dogs do. The majority of cat owners find that a carrier is the best way to keep the cats and the drivers safe in the car.

And if you are headed on a long trip with or without pets, come see us at Miles Auto Service for a pre-trip auto inspection. Call us at (856) 441-3894 to schedule an appointment.

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Are you all about recycling? Do you save your newspapers and plastic bottles and send them to the recycler? Do you drop off your old clothes to thrift stores? Have you ever thought about what happens to your car at the end of its useful life?

The automobile recycling industry has been thriving for over a seventy-five years. Though it may not seem like a tree hugger’s dream, auto recycling helps our planet. The parts in your car today will come in handy when it comes to making your children’s cars in the future. Now, you may be thinking, “But technology will be so advanced by the time my two year-old is driving.” That is true, but automobile recycling will proceed along with it.

Did you know?

1. Automobiles are the most recycled product in the world. Every year, over 25 million tons of the things we recycle are from autos. Metal, windshield glass, aluminum, individual parts, and tires (to name a few) are among the most prevalent recycled materials and assets these days.

2. 86% of your automobile can be reused after market. That means things like the engine coolant, motor oil, or the battery. These things are important, because it means less natural resources are used to make new vehicles. Approximately 90% of the aluminum in an automobile can be reused or recycled to make new cars.

3. Each year, Americans recover 25 million tons of auto parts. Professional auto salvage operations tear apart the engine and transmission to reclaim useable parts. This is especially important for people who need a rare component that is not in production any more. And rebuilt parts are less expensive than new parts

4. Every year, the amount of recycled car parts in the United States is sufficient enough to produce roughly 13,000 new vehicles.

5. In addition to more autos, the aluminum we recycle can be reused to make airplane parts, bicycles, countertops, soda cans, tile, and some jewelry. Car tires are used to make asphalt, flooring, and footwear.  Glass beads, jewelry, bottles, and dishes are made from windshields, as well as tile flooring, countertops, and porcelain.

Environmentally responsible auto owners want to prolong the life of their automobile as long as possible. Here at Miles Auto Service in Sewell, that’s exactly what we do by providing expert car repair and maintenance services. Call (856) 441-3894 to talk to a service technician.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy points out that if you mow your lawn and discover an old car, you might be a redneck. But see if you can get some quality parts out of it.

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The automotive service team at Miles Auto Service is passionate about keeping vehicles properly maintained so they can perform at peak condition for as long as possible. Some of our clients’ vehicles have 200k+ miles, are still in admirable condition, and have many more serviceable years left in them. And, by the way, they welcome the fact that these dependable rides were completely paid off years ago.

Conversely, we also occasionally see newish vehicles that have been utterly thrashed and abused. We often remind our clients (for good reason) that missing maintenance services like oil changes has some pretty serious consequences, but we don’t stress the importance of interior care nearly enough. In today’s post, we turn our attention to caring for leather auto upholstery. Leather is quite strong and will serve you well if properly cared for. If you have never given a thought to your leather auto seats, we urge you to spend twenty minutes on your next day off and give them a good cleaning and conditioning.

Do: Consult your owner’s manual to see if there are any special guidelines for your leather upholstery.

Do: Clean and condition your leather interior upholstery at least four times a year. Once a month is even better. Start a regular cleaning schedule as soon as you buy your auto, whether new or used. It will only take a few minutes each time and they will remain looking new.

Do: Use cleaners and conditioners designed specifically for leather upholstery, or make your own with olive oil and vinegar, or Castile soap and warm water.

Do: Follow the product directions.

Don’t: Use products with ammonia, bleach, or silicone.

Do: Test the cleaner on an inconspicous area to be certain that there are no unintended effects.

Do: Vacuum the seats first to expel particles of dirt. If the grit is left on the seats, it may scratch the leather when you wipe them down.

Do: Use a vinyl or horse hair brush. Wipe dry with a micro-fiber cloth. There are also special brushes that can be used with a cordless drill or rotary buffer.

Do: Repeat the cleaning process several times if there is a lot of dirt build-up.

Don’t: Saturate the seats with the cleaning products. This could cause stains, or the liquid could soak through to the cushion. Be especially careful if the leather is perforated.

Do: Clean up spills quickly to reduce the chance of staining.

If would like to hire a professional detailer, call Miles Auto Service at (856) 441-3894 for a recommendation. If you need quality engine repair or maintenance, stop by our service center at 1007 Tuckahoe Rd. in Sewell or call to make an appointment.

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1. Strange Vibrations or Sounds

This could indicate a malfunction with your brakes, steering, tires, or suspension. Pull over, call Miles Auto Service at (856) 441-3894 and one of our service professionals can counsel you on next steps.

2. You Smell Something Burning

It may be something inconsequential or a major emergency, but you don’t want to take the chance of causing costly damage to your vehicle or put your passengers at risk. Pull over and check it out.

3. To Search for Something

Your cell phone slides between the seat and the console and you think you can pull off an amazing contortionist move and keep driving. Don’t count on your yoga/steering multitasking prowess. Stop on the side of the road for two minutes and fetch your phone.

4. Health Issue

Heart attacks and strokes can be preceded by somewhat mild symptoms. If something seems amiss, pull over immediately and either call 911 or phone someone to pick you up.

5. Temperature or Oil Warning

Overheating or too little oil pressure is a clear and present danger to your engine. Protect your investment and pull your vehicle over.

6. You Lose Visibility

Whether it’s weather-related or not, it is extremely risky to keep driving if you can’t see the road. (This seems like a no-brainer, but some motorists think they can ride it out if they simply slow down.) Pull over slowly and carefully and either wait for a break in the fog/downpour/blizzard or remove the roadkill from your windshield.

7. You Are Dozing Off

Don’t mistakenly believe you can keep your eyeballs open by sheer force of will. Pull over, recline your seat, and take a refreshing nap on the side of the road. Ah! Doesn’t that feel better?

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By law, every vehicle out on the road is required to have a license plate that is up-to-date and registered. Most auto owners buy a vehicle, go through the common process of getting a license plate, and are satisfied with the random numbers and letters assigned to the car. But then there are men and women who like to make their car extra special and unique, so they order a customized license plate, sometimes called a “vanity plate.”

Since US license plates typically have space for just seven letters, American motorists have to get creative when it comes to expressing a phrase, message, or name. We’ve found some inventive plates for you to test your license plate deciphering skills.

  1. A plate on a California vehicle reads, “9 3QTRS”
  2. Next, “HIOFCER”
  3. Third is a Lamborghini proudly proclaiming, “2L8IWUN”
  4. Number 4 is, “NVRLKBK”
  5. Lastly, we found a plate on the back of Aston Martin that read, “BKRPTCY”

If you haven’t already figured these out, we’ll help you with the answers below.

The first plate belongs to someone who took Harry Potter fandom to the next level. If you remember the train station platform that leads to Hogwarts, it is labeled 9 3/4. Hopefully, this muggle won’t try driving into any solid brick archways in search of a hidden portal.

The second plate says “Hi Officer.” We wonder if the is more likely to get out of a ticket because of the cheerful greeting on the license plate.

The Lamborghini plate says, rather boastfully, “Too late, I won.” We have to admit, however, that the message is apt since few autos are quicker than a Lambo. Good luck racing this guy or gal.

Number 4 says “Never look back.” Maybe this motto expresses a life philosophy or perhaps is just a warning to trailing car owners to keep their eyes on the road ahead instead of in their rear view mirror.

The last plate is a rather ironic, “Bankruptcy.” We’re guessing that if this Aston Martin is paid for, the owner won’t have to file bankruptcy any time soon. But if the motorist does end up filing bankruptcy, that pricey car could be to blame!

Here is an important message for car owners looking for the most trusted auto repair center in Sewell: “Call Miles Auto Service for GR8SRVC!”

Note: The car pictured is a ZAZ Zaporozhets 965 built from 1960-1963 (with Ukraine plates).

4 Bucket List Euro Drives

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When you think of the world’s most exceptional auto brands and automakers, I’m sure you think of at least one European brand. BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz are produced in Germany. Ferrari and Lamborghini are manufactured in Italy. McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Bentley are all fabricated in Great Britain. As you can tell, Europe has a well-respected automotive tradition, but guess what else they have? Some of the best places to drive in the world! (Is there a connection here?)

Many American auto enthusiasts would love to have a speedy European sports car, (a Lambo Aventador would do nicely) and a breathtaking, open European road ahead with big sweeper turns and few stop signs. Of course, not all roads are created equal and there are some stretches of road that are notorious for their adventure, scenery, and the driving experience they deliver. Here are some European routes that are on many drivers’ bucket lists.

Hochstrasse, Black Forest, Germany

Why it’s on the list? It’s a spectacular mountain pass that carves through a lush, dense forest. It also has tight switchbacks and loads of sweeping curves that provide hours of driving magic.

Furka Pass, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Why it’s on the list? Few mountain ranges are as stunningly beautiful as the Swiss Alps. Furka Pass is a narrow, twisting charmer that takes you on one of the most awe-inspiring cruises through the Alps.

Military Highway, Highlands, Scotland

Why it’s on the list? National Park routes are famous for offering scenic gems and this one is no exception. Military Highway goes through Cairngorms, National Park and offers outstanding views and oodles of natural wonders.

Col de la Bonnette, French Alps, France

Why it’s on the list? The French Alps offer another mountain pass with sensational views and smooth roads. This national treasure has been giving James Bond wannabes the ultimate driving experience for decades!

If driving one of these routes in a luxurious and speedy European car is one of your dreams, we hope you’ll someday get the chance. If you spend most of your time on New Jersey roads and live in the Sewell area, you need a trusted local service advisor to keep your automobile performing at its best. Many New Jersey drivers depend on the team of automotive professionals at Miles Auto Service. We invite you to become another satisfied customer. Call (856) 441-3894 for more information about our services.